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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Links & Resources

Note: Links with a "•" in front of them are videos, the rest link to still imagery. 

Anatomy - General
Wikipedia: Body Proportions
Artist Anatomy Idealized proportions of the human form
RealColorWheel Proportions of the face and the body
Figure-Drawings Proportions of the adult body and face
Drawsh Anatomy tags
Human-Proportions Tips & tricks to drawing the figure plus artwork to sketch from
Anatomy References for Artists

Anatomy - Skeleton & Muscles
3D Toad Rotatable human skeleton
CLZ on DA Rotating human skull-Still imagery
Overview of the Joints in the Skeleton
Squidliness: Muscle Tutorial Breaking down the muscles into simple shapes
Skeletal Muscles and Muscle Groups An explanation of muscles, how they work, & naming systems
GetBodySmart Functional anatomy of skeletal muscles

Anatomy - Features, Hands & Feet
IDrawGirls Drawing a realistic face-front view tutorial
Stan Prokopenko Tutorials on facial features
Tom Richmond Caricature of the face
Majnouna on DA Drawing hands
Anatomical Art Hand reference
Analytical Figure Drawing Hands and feet

Anatomy - Age, Gender, Etc.
Drawspace Human proportions at different ages
Craftsy Proportions of a child's face
Sculpting the Older Face 
Wikipedia: Female Body Shape
Learn to Draw Adult male proportions
Wikipedia: Body Shape Briefly lists descriptions of age, gender, and basic body shapes
Majnouna Guide to human ethnicities

Wikipedia: Body Positions
Wikipedia: Gesture Drawing
Glen Vilppu article on Gesture Drawing
John K Stuff Lines of action & silhouette
Flooby Nooby Lines of action
SpongeBob Top Sheets How to draw lively poses with lines of action
Animators Resource Squash and stretch in animation
Animator Island Perfect posing-Appealing and readable poses
Fred Moore and the Moving Silhouette 
Robot Swagger Ignore the robot, focus instead on the simple shapes and cylinders in this walk cycle
Walk Long Stride: Young Adult Female
Angry Walk: Older Female Adult
Standard Walk: Athletic Male

Glean Keane making faces while he's animating
Animation Arena Acting and animation
Performance and Acting for Animators 
Scott Eaton Duchenne's facial expression image library
Gurney Journey Extreme facial expressions
Howard Schatz In Character: Actors acting
Faces of Fear
Katara & Sokka cosplay An example of how animation translates back into live-action movement
Mr. Bean's car squished by a tank Live-action clip
Mr. Bean-Art Class Live-action clip from Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean-The Pirate Animated clip, note how Mr. Bean's character and movements have been translated into animation


Model Sheets
Wikipedia: Model Sheets
Larry's Toon Institute Description of model sheets plus simple character turns
Academy of Art: Model Sheets 101 Describes different types of model sheets with professional examples
Model Sheet Monday Has numerous example of pro-level model sheets
Animation Archive Disney model sheets
Living Lines Model sheets & production art from various animated movies
Model Sheets from Avatar: The Last Airbender
Model Sheets from Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Model Sheets from The Iron Giant
Model Sheets from Justice League
Model Sheets from various anime
Expressions & Poses for Mother Gothel from Rapunzel
Kris Anka's model sheets for Uncanny X-Force #1
Lackadaisy-Facial Expressions  

5-Point Turn cheat sheet Realistic adult male
Animationish Creating a turnaround of the head
Brian Lemay Looney Tunes characters broken down into simple shapes
Character Breakdown Basics
Character Design Page Tutorials and model sheets
How to draw Model Sheets in 15 minutes

Character Design
 Character Design Blog Interviews and artwork from various character designers 
Comic Book Daily Character design article
Cartoon Kevin One character drawn in 100 different styles 
Nick Sharratt Designing characters for children's books
Drawing Unique Features Tutorial Part One Two Three
Creative Uncut Video game concept art galleries
ComicVine Use the wiki to search for character art from various comics, cartoons, and anime
Chuck Jones draws Bugs Bunny

Jason Cheeseman-Meyer Drapery study/tutorial 
Gurney Journey Ten tips for drawing glasses
Anatomical Art Clothing tags
The Costume Page Costuming resources online
Milieux Links to image references 
Weirdest Helmets from the Age of Armor


Sketching Resources - Still Images
Pixel Lovely Timed gesture and figure drawing training tool
Quick Poses Timed gesture and figure drawing training tool

Howard Schatz Gorgeous photos of muscular people to sketch from
Different Body Types of Olympic Athletes Helps illustrate the wide range of shapes and sizes in the human body
Scott Eaton Bodies in motion
DK Images Pictures of people, categorized by age and subject
Bridgeman Large library of fine art imagery
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Browse their collection
Anatomy for Sculptor 

Sketching Resources - Video
Reference!Reference! Online reference database for animation
Alan Rickman making tea in slow motion 
Slow motion gif of a baseball player swinging a bat
Slow motion movements with a sword
Slow motion ballet
NYC Webcam Choose "CrowdCam" to sketch people walking around
New Orleans Webcam

Animation Clips, Pencil Test, & Short Films
• Atlantis - Kida Line Tests
• Avatar: The Legend of Korra Fighting Line Test
• Fire and Ice Darkwolf's most badass moment
• Iron Giant Kent's Phone Call
• Kung Fu Panda Chopstick Fight
• Lilo & Stitch He Mele No Lilo
• Lilo & Stitch Lilo and Stitch Fight
• Lilo & Stitch Stitch and Frog
• Tarzan Jane's Monologue - Pencil Test
• The Tigger Movie Tigger - Pencil Tests
• Thundercats 1985 Intro
Kung Fu Fighting-10 second rotoscope test
Thought of You
The Reward
• Gorillaz Game of Death
• Gorillaz Clint Eastwood Animatic
Frame by Frame tumblr


Blacksataguni on DA Supervising Producer on The Legend of Korra
Jin Kim Disney Character Designer
Gurney Journey James Gurney's Blog
The Art of Glen Keane
Art of Nico Marlet
Chris Sanders
Peter de Seve
Stephen Silver 
Imaginism Studio Blog 
Muddy Colors 
Flooby Nooby
Kyle Mohr's Three Elements of Animation 
Draw Me A Robot Short interviews with cartoonists with pics of their workspace, tools, & craft
Anime Backgrounds

Animation Resources
TV Shows: Animation & Cartoons on Hulu
Movies: Animation & Cartoons on Hulu
TV Shows: Anime on Hulu
Movies: Anime on Hulu
Disney Shows on YouTube
Anime on Crunchyroll

Animation Resources
Animation World Network 
Animation Insider
Animator Island 
Cartoon Brew


Fun & Random Stuff
Movie Picture Database Film stills from various movies
Collected promo images of the Joker from The Dark Knight
The Messy World of Fan Art and Copyright
Fake Dragon Ball-Z attacks
Stumpy Pencil Photoshop Brush
What makes things creepy?
Spock dances & Captain Kirk thinks he's a horse
Terry Crews collected Old Spice commercials
The Violence II Fighting Supercut
Hospital Scare
Claire Danes cry-face supercut
Stephen Fry-Angry Rant
For that time you need to wake up and can't grab a cup of coffee

Embody the Body Blog
List of Recommended Books